Girl in chicken suit punched?

A chicken restaurant mascot punched in the face for no reason!

A take out chicken restaurant, Pepe's Piri Piri chicken, hired a 17 year old young lady to dress up as a giant chicken to drive more traffic from a street fair to the business. 

I would have thought it was a red flag because the owner told her to "be aware of your environment and watch your back". It turns out this is not the first time the person wearing the chicken outfit has been targeted. Even more disturbing someone tried to push the person wearing the chicken suit in front of a bus! It may have been a joke, but that person could have been killed. How could the owner of this fast food joint put this innocent girl at risk. She got punched in the face which is disturbing but she could have been killed if the same jackass would have pushed her in front of a bus again. This incident took place in Northampton town centre near Gold street Sunday.

Two teen boys, thought to be around age 14 are still at large.  

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