November 7th, 2012 -- A small town near Kansas City, MO, Bonner Springs, KS has busted multiple theraputic massage businesses that seem to be escort services. Police pretended to be clients looking for an erotic massage.

Once the suspicions started, police searched for CC Spa online and saw things that confirmed their suspicions. The business appears on websites, and


The spa moved in only four months ago to the locations near the Speedway and Legends shopping centers. Neighboring businesses pointed out suspicious behavior. It seemed that most of the clients were from neighboring Missouri and it was always men. The women working there often were seen being dropped off in one van with no other way to and from work, which raised suspicions of human trafficking. Police said they are investigating if that is the case with any of the Mandarin-speaking women.

Li has only been charged with promoting prostitution, running a business without a business license and failing to keep records of clients.

 Scott Nameth Reporting

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