The wife of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto attempted suicide yesterday right before she was going to be questioned by police because of her her husband's alleged attempt to bribe police.

Dvora Pinto, who was arrested with her husband on Thursday was taken to Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer in good condition.

Rabbi Pinto was being questioned again on Sunday by police investigators on suspicion of offering a bribe to police so they would give him information about the probe that Bracha's unit was conducting into his activities.

After three hours of questioning, in which the rabbi was confronted with some of the evidence against him - including recordings of him allegedly asking for the information - three officers entered and cut short the session. The officers informed Pinto that his wife, who was also scheduled to be questioned on Sunday, had attempted suicide and had been taken to the hospital in good condition.

The rabbi and his wife are cooperating fully with the police investigation. On Thursday, at the first hearing after Pinto's arrest, his lawyers claimed that Dvora Pinto could not be questioned for a few days for "personal reasons." The police rejected the request. The rabbi confirmed his version of the story on Sunday and continued to answer the police's questions by saying that Bracha is a relative and he was only trying to help him out. Pinto said Bracha misunderstood his intent and he does not understand how the officer thought he was trying to bribe him.

Pinto supposedly offered him NIS 200,000. Segalovich advised him to play along so that Pinto could be caught in the act.

The police said the investigation will continue over the next few days despite the suicide attempt.

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