Endorse a proposal SECONDTHEMOTION
Make off with PURLOIN
Miles away DISTANT
Fruit category CITRUS
Loathsome ODIOUS



Made off with LIFTED
One who goes sailing BOATER
Show the ropes to ORIENT
__ Nevadas (western mountains) SIERRA
''E Pluribus Unum,'' e.g MOTTO
Accomplishments DEEDS
Affected by poison ivy ITCHY


Beach hills DUNES
Bistro handouts MENUS
Cut-and-__ (routine) DRIED
Dine at home EATIN
French farewell ADIEU
Inclined walkways RAMPS
Interlaced WOVEN
Job applicant's goal OFFER
Large family TRIBE
Nose, so to speak SNOOT
Of the moon LUNAR
Piece of cake SLICE
Put on a pedestal EXALT
Put to rest, as fears ALLAY
Reef material CORAL
Ridiculous INANE
Slyly sarcastic SNIDE
Speak at length ORATE
Squirrel food ACORN
Trims, as bushes EDGES
Turn of phrase IDIOM
Used a stopwatch on TIMED
Very angry IRATE
Back seat's location REAR
Bank (on) RELY
Carry-all TOTE
Complaint BEEF
Comply with OBEY
Constructed MADE
Declare openly AVER
Fly in the ointment SNAG
Horse's father SIRE
Malicious gossip DIRT
Mineral sources ORES
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Shopping complex MALL
Speed contest RACE
Swim-meet assignment LANE
Tender-hearted SOFT
Typeface FONT
Wheel shaft AXLE
WWII turning point DDAY
Zoning measure ACRE
''Much __ About Nothing'' ADO
''Sesame Street'' watcher TOT
Affirmative vote YEA
Battering device RAM
Consumed ATE
Free (of) RID
Highchair attire BIB
In favor of PRO
Juan's ''one'' UNO
Metal in pewter TIN
Porker's pad STY
Praiseful poem ODE
Prime-time hour TEN
Prof.'s degree, often PHD
Rap artist Dr. __ DRE
Satire magazine MAD
Showed the way LED
Teen's ''How's things?'' SUP
Tell a whopper LIE
Tip of a sock TOE
Trash-bag closer TIE
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