Not much of a choice SLIMPICKINGS
Evolutionary mystery MISSINGLINK
Rather close WITHINSIGHT
'60s fashion MINISKIRT
Drought ender RAINFALL
Low-ranking sailor DECKHAND


Start of a baseball game FIRSTINNING
Star bestower FILMCRITIC
Underwater sport SKINDIVING
''Count me in!'' IMTHERE
''Have a sample'' TASTEIT
Current measurer AMMETER
Dine at a friend's house EATOVER
Potential juror CITIZEN
Astronaut Collins EILEEN


Cloaked in secrecy VEILED
CNN founder TURNER
Embroidered hole EYELET
Employee badge IDCARD
Formal order DECREE
Fundamental facts BASICS
Insistent exclamation ICANSO
Japanese religion SHINTO
Philadelphia-area hero HOAGIE
Punctual ONTIME
Punctual PROMPT
Stands in a studio EASELS
Support column PILLAR
Unifying concepts THEMES
Wiped off ERASED
Author Wharton EDITH
Beef designation PRIME
Breakfast pastry SCONE
British nobles DUKES
Brownish gray TAUPE
Connecting points NODES
Explosion BLAST
Figure of speech IDIOM
Fruit covers RINDS
Future stallions COLTS
Garlicky dressing AIOLI
Glossy fabric SATIN
Healthful, in product names NUTRI
How fries are fried INOIL
Leafy lunch SALAD
Loses color FADES
Lost color PALED
Martian or Venusian ALIEN
Not slouching ERECT
Novelist Calvino ITALO
One from Waco TEXAN
Peach __ (dessert) MELBA
Precise EXACT
Proof of ownership TITLE
Puts a strain on TAXES
Religious belief TENET
Short-tempered TESTY
Sports-bar screen TVSET
Stand out in a crowd SHINE
Stand up ARISE
Story surprise TWIST
Storytelling specialists LIARS
Subsidiary building ANNEX
Suite spot HOTEL
Theater divider AISLE
Unlawful activity CRIME
Wading bird EGRET
Wear a grin SMILE
What American Plan includes MEALS
Where the Ganges flows INDIA
With regret SADLY
__ cotta TERRA
''Othello'' role IAGO
48 Across, for instance TREE
Ancient Andean INCA
Ask for divine guidance PRAY
Became frayed WORE
Brings to a close ENDS
Bylaws, briefly REGS
Cash drawer TILL
Cellphone button SEND
Chore TASK
Clutter-free NEAT
Cook's collection PANS
Creative notion IDEA
Dark movie genre NOIR
Desertlike ARID
Disney head IGER
Foul mood SNIT
Get in the game, perhaps ANTE
Goes on to say ADDS
Graph line AXIS
Hunter's garb, for short CAMO
Intend MEAN
Jack toppers, in solitaire TENS
List-shortening abbr ETAL
Located rearward HIND
Memorization method ROTE
Mosquito-bite reaction ITCH
Move like molasses OOZE
Narrow gap SLIT
Openwork fabric MESH
Piedmont wine area ASTI
Plane or pliers TOOL
Quash VETO
Quick drive SPIN
Short letter NOTE
Snake-dancing people HOPI
Spider web, essentially TRAP
Surreptitious sound PSST
Symbols of six states OAKS
Thin puff WISP
Timetable, for short SKED
Tip off TELL
Trade org ASSN
Twinge PANG
Vexes IRKS
Whittle (down) PARE
''America's Got Talent'' network NBC
Ab's neighbor PEC
Apt. coolers ACS
Blossom buzzer BEE
Briny expanse SEA
D-backs, on scoreboards ARI
Driver's license datum SEX
Extremity TIP
Federal benefits issuer: Abbr SSA
Final: Abbr ULT
Four qts GAL
Gangster's weapon GAT
HMO members DRS
Houston-to-Chicago dir NNE
Land in ''la mer'' ILE
Not in the office OUT
Satisfied sounds AHS
Set of tools KIT
Sky safety org FAA
Small, for short LIL
Storekeeper's stock: Abbr INV
Suffix for novel IST
Sunscreen letters SPF
Symbol of two states ELM
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