Bowling-ball opening FINGERHOLE
Cucumber served with a sandwich DILLPICKLE
Fruity toast topper APRICOTJAM
Throws stuff anywhere MAKESAMESS
Cake-with-candles time BIRTHDAY
Rulers of ancient Rome EMPERORS
Artist's paint holder PALETTE
Inundated FLOODED




Lose all hope DESPAIR
Send away, as a class DISMISS
Beaded calculator ABACUS
Having a sharp tip POINTY
''Pet'' problem PEEVE
All set READY
Artificial waterway CANAL
Classroom furniture DESKS
Court proceeding TRIAL
Did sums ADDED
Find a new purpose for REUSE
French coins EUROS
Good for skiing SNOWY
Historic immigration island ELLIS
In combat ATWAR
Japanese noodles RAMEN
Jeweler's weight CARAT
Lab container FLASK
Oktoberfest dance POLKA
Proverb ADAGE
Rock-concert venue ARENA
Serious play DRAMA
Wanderer NOMAD
''Darn it!'' DRAT
Approximately ORSO
Boston's state: Abbr MASS
Bull, in Barcelona TORO
Burn soother ALOE
Ceiling spinners FANS
Eve's husband ADAM
Factual TRUE
Fizzy drink SODA
Helper: Abbr ASST
Identify NAME
Imitated APED
In addition ALSO
Jelly containers JARS
Light blue-green AQUA
Line of a list ITEM
Mahogany or maple TREE
Matures AGES
Merely ONLY
Mtg. with a doctor APPT
Nibble like a mouse GNAW
One lacking manners BOOR
One of 24 in a day HOUR
Oxen's harness YOKE
Palm-tree fruit DATE
Police crisis unit SWAT
Press, as a shirt IRON
Rested (on) LAIN
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Sandwich shop DELI
Secluded valley DELL
Shortest chesspiece PAWN
Swim-meet locale POOL
Telescope glass LENS
Trade SWAP
Verne submarine captain NEMO
Warp-resistant wood TEAK
Wicked EVIL
Boring routine RUT
Chapter of history ERA
Curtain holder ROD
Go bad ROT
Mensa stats IQS
Mined resource ORE
Rainbow shape ARC
That man's HIS
Train alternative BUS
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