Astronaut (WWII naval ensign) ALANSHEPARD
Baseball Hall of Famer (Korean War pilot) TEDWILLIAMS
Director (Vietnam War infantryman) OLIVERSTONE
Poet (Civil War volunteer nurse) WALTWHITMAN
President (WWI artillery officer) HARRYTRUMAN
Singer (WWII rifleman) TONYBENNETT
Actor (WWII combat pilot) CLARKGABLE
Chef (WWII OSS researcher) JULIACHILD
Novelist (Civil War general) LEWWALLACE
Wendy's founder (Korean War mess sergeant) DAVETHOMAS




Academic period SEMESTER
Baldness, to physicians ALOPECIA
Emphatic denial LIARLIAR
Line of latitude PARALLEL
Pleasure seeker SYBARITE
Pull ahead of OVERTAKE
Road-atlas page STATEMAP
Sci-fi film franchise STARWARS
Sort of sheet metal TINPLATE
Certain guitar player BASSIST
Medical 3-D image PETSCAN
Optimistic about a stock BULLISH
Salon creations HAIRDOS
SWAT team supply TEARGAS
The brain, in computer slang WETWARE
Bifocals, for instance LENSES
Boneless beef FILETS
Highly decorative ORNATE
Hispanics LATINS
Instruments of India SITARS
Judicial decision DECREE
Not as stuffy AIRIER
Retro T-shirt TIEDYE
''I wanna try it!'' LEMME
''Today'' weatherman ROKER
Actress Berry HALLE
At minimal power ONLOW
Austin Powers' father NIGEL
Bauer of outerwear EDDIE
Bides one's time WAITS
Bouquet holders VASES
Brings on board HIRES
Burros ASSES
Call forth EVOKE
City near Düsseldorf ESSEN
Contents of some closets LINEN
Easily alarmed TIMID
Emphatic denial IAMSO
Erroneous FALSE
Family member NIECE
Fathers of foals SIRES
Flow regulator VALVE
Give a speech ORATE
Great deal LOADS
Helps do wrong ABETS
Household helper NANNY
Italian autos FIATS
Moral precept TENET
Movie's music SCORE
Musical Starr RINGO
Neil Tyson mentor SAGAN
Newspaper essays OPEDS
Old saying ADAGE
Onion coverings SKINS
Out of port ATSEA
Part of an orchestra REEDS
Planted seeds SOWED
Poetic region CLIME
Pungent SPICY
Runs smoothly PURRS
Schindler of ''Schindler's List'' OSKAR
Scorch SINGE
Sews, as hose DARNS
Small music players IPODS
Soldier's vacation LEAVE
Specified NAMED
Splinter groups SECTS
States plainly AVERS
Stereo systems HIFIS
Tourist stop MOTEL
Turkish money LIRAS
Used as a dining table ATEON
Venerable HOARY
Venerable soap brand IVORY
Veteran sailors SALTS
Waterfall sounds ROARS
Wax-coated cheeses EDAMS
Weeps loudly BAWLS
''A likely story!'' IBET
Advertising award CLIO
Columbo portrayer FALK
Covered with frills LACY
Deep sleep COMA
Errand runner AIDE
Gave temporarily LENT
Great deal HEAP
Grows darker DIMS
Henry Ford contemporary OLDS
Kids' observation game ISPY
Legendary loch NESS
Little guys LADS
London art museum TATE
Mail-slot spot DOOR
Male cats TOMS
Mineral deposits ORES
Minimally ATAD
Nifty NEAT
Patella's place KNEE
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Played platters at a party DJED
Portuguese money EURO
Security concern LEAK
See a bet CALL
Slanted type: Abbr ITAL
Stetson products HATS
Swiss abstractionist KLEE
Three or four AFEW
Tire inflator PUMP
Top-quality AONE
Traffic marker CONE
Triumphant shout TADA
University of Nevada locale RENO
Volcanic outflow LAVA
Wares: Abbr MDSE
Welsh form of John EVAN
Wild guess STAB
Altar affirmation IDO
Comprises HAS
Endeavor TRY
FBI investigator AGT
Golf-ball position LIE
GPs' org AMA
Jargon suffix ESE
Something on the books LAW
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