√ Daily Celebrity Crossword 7/1/16 answers 

Draw designs in glass = Etch
Valuable stone = Gem
Body part that’s often pierced = Ear
Cat’s number of lives, in folklore = Nine
Dutch or Spanish coin = Euro
Extraterrestrial’s spaceship: Abbr. = UFO
Football star who played himself in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”: 2 wds. = Dan Marino
Athlete who’s paid to play = Pro
Like a desert’s climate = Arid
“To ___ it may concern …” = Whom
Tennis star who played himself in “Mr. Deeds”: 2 wds. = John McEnroe
“Gattaca” star Thurman = Uma
Object with “WELCOME” printed on it = Doormat
Corn oil brand = Mazola
Death, often described as “untimely” or “unfortunate” = Demise
Ultimately win out = Prevail
“___ Wolf” (Shakira song) = She
Basketball star who played himself in “Trainwreck”: 2 wds. = Lebron James
“24” actress Mary ___ Rajskub = Lynn
Dove’s birdcalls = Coos
Six-foot-tall bird from Down Under = Emu
Boxing star who played himself in “The Hangover”: wds. = Mike Tyson
Month before November: Abbr. = Oct
Shepherd in Genesis = Abel
Sword that’s not a foil or a saber = Epee
“Stillmatic” rapper = Nas
___ peeve (particular annoyance) = Pet
Banks who wrote the 2011 novel “Modelland” = Tyra
Finale = End
“Wayne’s World” actress Carrere = Tia
“The Situation Room” broadcaster = CNN
Skeletor’s opponent, in cartoons: Hyph. = He-Man
___ missle (rocket that can be controlled remotely) = Guided
Ending for “southeast” or “west” = Ern
“Click, Clack, ___: Cows That Type” (Dorren Cronin picture book) = Moo
Unpleasant word’s inoffensive replacement = Euphemism
Jackson 5 hairstyle = Afro
2015 film for which Brie Larson won an Oscar = Room
Comedian Idle of the Monty Python troupe = Eric
Body part in a sleeve = Arm
Early bird’s catch, according to the saying = Worm
“22 ___ Street” (2014 movie) = Jump
“Resurrection” actor Epps = Omar
They’re used to flavor Frangelico liqueur = Hazel Nuts
Nonverbal assent = Nod
___ v. Wade (1973 Supreme Court case) = Roe
1975 Wimbledon champion Arthur = Ashe
Graphic ___ (casual shirts with printed designs) = Tees
Appliance that often gets preheated = Oven
Room for chemistry experiments = Lab
What fills a balloon = Air
Pendant that might hold a photograph = Locket
“The First ___” (Christmas carol) = Noel
Scribble (down) = Jot
___ undetermined (still not known): 2 wds. = As Yet
Kings of ___ (“Use Sombody” Band) = Leon
1978 Village People hit = YMCA
What a TV weather forecaster is often seen in front of = Map
“Can ___ honest with you?”: 2 wds. = I Be
Covert agent = Spy
“…___ the land of the free …” (line in the US national anthem) = Oer
Government group that funds museums: Abbr. = NEA

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