Local clean up on border is a big concern for the bean counter PROFITMARGIN
One of the generals requires surgery? PRACTITIONER
Summing up what's only the introduction PARTOFSPEECH
The cost to one's composure - this needs to be fixed by government! PRICECONTROL
Gatecrash filming? You'll only get away with if you weren't in the frame originally! PHOTOBOMB
Give away far too much information on the web to old father retiring to Split OVERSHARE
Spoiled a cream treat - it's why the director missed it OFFCAMERA
Terrorises cows? THREATENS




Being worn down won't stop you going? Sounds like break from sketch artist's studio! BRAKEPAD
Cogs ain't engineered by sceptic AGNOSTIC
Con hopes criminal gets places to brood HENCOOPS
Nothing minister finds on funny looking cross can be generally challenged OPPONENT
Perhaps 11? of those going onboard Noah's boat ONEBYONE
Reads new amendment with rebutted response ANSWERED
Their heads are in the clouds presumably with tune to twist someone's arm AIRFORCE
Was hard on leaders after speculation to announce surprise visitor? GUESSWHO
Car for rebel action has high-pitched sound TREBLE
Hesitantly drops this in an orderly fashion! NEATLY
Jumped to conclusions in the end with local airman's crash SPRANG
Off-course, it's one of the wards rushed by Tory leader ERRANT
Pain in the neck has initially symptoms associated with central skeleton HASSLE
Starts getting rid of tax on accommodation for Christmas visitors perhaps GROTTO
Tends to go around on transport from Cork centre at first HUBCAP
Trio leaving hypocrites is of concern to Freud PSYCHE
A last settlement for the travellers ATLAS
Post second-class and third-class map back to town square? PLAZA
They put the frighteners on others in wild gorse OGRES
With no sea in Lausanne declare it null and void ANNUL
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