Antecedent, forebear ANCESTOR
Based on reason RATIONAL
Draw attention away DISTRACT
Expressive movements GESTURES




Formal expression of praise ENCOMIUM
In a mad manner INSANELY
Indiscriminate killing of large numbers MASSACRE
It's now Zimbabwe RHODESIA
Italian cured pork PANCETTA
Periodic population counts CENSUSES
Designate funds for a particular purpose EARMARK
Harmful, unfavourable ADVERSE
Mischievous NAUGHTY
Ugly sight EYESORE
Drink to slake it THIRST
Funny circus folk CLOWNS
Habit, practice CUSTOM
Incorporeal being SPIRIT
Lacking in common sense STUPID
Meeting to select a political candidate in the US CAUCUS
Podiums, platforms DAISES
Source, derivation ORIGIN
Spanish dance and type of jacket BOLERO
Turkish capital ANKARA
Visits as a ghost HAUNTS
Chemical element, often used in lights NEON
Departed WENT
Italian river ARNO
Jar for water EWER
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