Pet silencer working fast — that should keep the little pests away INSECTREPELLENT
Business partners, a hundred strip off for the recruits CONSCRIPTS
Hedonist, after crossing river, gathering thoughts, initially LOTUSEATER
Queen wearing bra, I suspect, among endless goods one's handled in a shop CARRIERBAG
Reported European drug smuggling in Charlie, for instance? CHECKPOINT
Bring about fifty in to Asia, cute bats ACTUALISE




Contentious issue with which to juggle? HOTPOTATO
Pink boxes opening, showing material CORPOREAL
A criminal charged? That's shocking! ELECTRIC
Bird sees sign beginning to wobble in terrible gale EAGLEOWL
Nail in strips put up in English city STALBANS
Someone in the casino, one upset about nothing, winning CROUPIER
Cheerful as a golfer? CHIPPER
Good to join the dots, then picture finally showing European city COLOGNE
Old sultan unfortunately recalled racket SALADIN
Wrong skill shown by a backing singer SINATRA
Connection in which hands held? BRIDGE
Customer from the East invested in the same on wood? CLIENT
The capital of a US state? Have you any idea, roughly speaking? JUNEAU
Try to look, as a searcher GOOGLE
Director has dismissed head of school ARROW
Military vehicles go fast, stopping abruptly reversing past bird, say? JEEPS
See 18 FENCE
Why might the earth have moved, when soft testicle on cat stimul­ated? PLATE
See 8 LAKE
Strike off this, it's unplanned CUFF
White to satisfy clothes for Covent Garden favourite SWAN
Written in visa, temporary stuff SATE
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