Contrasts left one girl upset in diaries about sex DISSIMILARITIES
Crave mostly hot food, filling solely in way that shocks SPINECHILLINGLY
One mobile Scalextric set out — dispatch to these stores? ELECTRONIC
Rampant Rabbit oddly bucks round bend (middle of sex toy) RUBIKSCUBE
Basic header from footballer — off his head? ELEMENTAL
Judge caught in fine, small net — support for sportsmen? JOCKSTRAP
Mad Men's lead role — a sad performance MELODRAMA
Revealed by Houdini, some trick relating to muscular contraction ISOMETRIC
About ace tips, they're practical REALISTS
Be out injured after reserve game SUBBUTEO



Soul singer's father cut joint at home FRANKLIN
Starts to order one My Little Pony grooming game MONOPOLY
3 of wrong visits DROPSIN
Fighter backing America, Action Man initially enters endless attack SAMURAI
Game '60s dancer TWISTER
Make love to broken record LAYDOWN
Sexy girl primarily on page three? It might get game birds SHOTGUN
Turn to softly, almost romantic UTOPIAN
British trips — do they have trains? BRIDES
English inventor current for Yankee inventor EDISON
Like tart? Heavy metal band picks up two, separately ACIDIC
Shaper of body, no pressure to model CORSET
Form of medication — drug going the wrong way, so be it? ENEMA
Release toy in time, on the contrary LETGO
See 14 BOXES
Turn out to be headless spoof ENDUP
Second working satellite MOON
See 14 MAIL
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