Last word in forecast creates quandary PREDICAMENT
Philosopher's theory pagan slammed PYTHAGOREAN
A pose is struck with operators of intelligence embracing such stars CASSIOPEIA
Like 12 out in 20 at 12? BARKINGMAD
On-board protection TABLECLOTH
Painter has bit to put right around one room BOTTICELLI
Knack for raising fish under river — it becomes a battle TRAFALGAR
Suspend curate — it's for being unorthodox RUSTICATE
Very silly person, aged prisoner being held in form of subjection VASSALAGE
Winner, short girl — sparkling type CHAMPAGNE
Flowery bits girl used to fill gaps SPADICES




Hard man or woman, one beginning to climb up monument CENOTAPH
Once a person who would dig below the surface as questioner? EXAMINER
Opportunity to remember tabloid's decline THEGOING
Description of panel admitting child as pupil SCHOLAR
Get tense, if female carries gun around STIFFEN
Hazards as revolutionary's taken over party in Africa CHANCES
Wild flower masking end of garden VIOLENT
A change one introduced — it has some flapping AVIARY
Cold partner liable to take up quite a lot of the bed? CHUBBY
Deposit diminished in value, nothing saved LOESS
Fool in America offering dollars and cents, say UNITS
Products from Marks? LINES
The ultimate in treats for good child SPROG
Bad temper about catastrophe DOOM
Fine personal commitment that may help clear the air FIDO
Form of therapy is provided by someone to give us a lift OTIS
Stone ring with china buried below it OPAL
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