But nettlerash can erupt and gain the ascendancy TURNTHETABLES
Breakdown specialist COUNSELLOR
Select underwear, say, for those eating out PICNICKERS
Eleven in one vessel start to cheer for another STEAMSHIP
Fit for the voyage? In other ways, perhaps SEAWORTHY
I hunt down suspect in murder mystery WHODUNNIT
Noted soporifics LULLABIES




Accommodate a man who suffered in fraud PUTUPJOB
Fruit with coverings — they're bananas! NUTCASES
Composer close to Britten in sound IRELAND
Crew men showing little variation in strokes STOKERS
Form gets 99 in Latin — great work! CLASSIC
He travels to work COURIER
Immigrant proceeds right INCOMER
It's crazy wearing hair that's artificial MANMADE
Outcry in favour of a trial? PROTEST
Wild, wild Wales in the '50s LAWLESS
Window in the French garret LATTICE
You won't remember suffering from it AMNESIA
A struggle between North and South Sea forces NAVIES
Fool set about things of value ASSETS
Prey of little boys VICTIM
Turns down right away and chucks out EJECTS
Five thousand hold one up with spite VENOM
Location in sound and vision SIGHT
Pick up something exclusive SCOOP
Placing of the winner may create rifts FIRST
Cattle without water NEAT
Game unsuitable for women STAG
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