Astronomer's interest ECLIPSE
Engages in raillery BANTERS
Generous LIBERAL
Wretched PITIFUL
Along a line LINEAL
Hostile stares GLARES
Ontario community LAUREL
Parental FILIAL
Alberta community LEGAL
Blood vessel AORTA
British Columbia mountain LYELL
Chairs SEATS
Dali ___ LLAMA
Father Christmas SANTA
French farewell ADIEU
Good night _____ IRENE
Montreal suburb LAVAL
Nasser's middle name GAMAL




Pasture RANGE
Russian city ALDAN
All square EVEN
Canine cry YIPE
Dispatched SENT
Fertility goddess RHEA
German auto AUDI
Handle KNOB
Ice mountain BERG
October birthstone OPAL
Poker play ANTE
Reverberation ECHO
Spirit ELAN
Suffered defeat LOST
Told all SANG
Acorn maker OAK
Annex ELL
Arel or Tasman SEA
Autumn mo OCT
Centre or cure preceder EPI
Cereal grain OAT
Common carrier VAN
Conger EEL
Creation ART
Deplete SAP
Fuss and bother ADO
Hockey's Tikannen ESA
Lair DEN
Large integer TEN
Limo license PSV
Lubricate OIL
Ms Leghorn HEN
Onassis, familiarly ARI
Over, poetically OER
Pest ANT
Play on words PUN
Putative pansy BUD
Resort SPA
Salt, to Serge SEL
Sea food ROE
Soul, to Stephane AME
Spring mo APR
Summer time in Ont EDT
Tolkien creature ENT
Unwell ILL
Wager BET
Wrongdoing SIN
____ Guevera CHE

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